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Our Apple Mac Hardware Software Repairs Service is quick and easy to use.  First, select your Apple Mac model below.  Next, view the type of repair you require us to carry out. If that is what you want just bring it in or contact us.  If you can’t see what you need again just contact us and have a chat.
Most Apple Mac Hardware Software Repairs are diagnosed the same day as entering our workshop and we aim to turn your job around in quick time. However please note that many original replacement parts have to come from overseas and this is where the system can slow up.

All repairs come with a One Year Warranty on labour and a supplier warranty on parts. We also offer a No Fix, No Fee Service. If we are allowed to fix it by you and cannot we will not charge a penny.


Please Select Your Apple Mac Model From Below.

As an Apple Mac owner you expect quality, reliability, a great level of service and your devices to work properly every day.  Unfortunately this comes at a price.  We call it Apple Tax.

For example, a new Apple Mac Hard Drive (HDD) may cost three or four times an almost identical PC HDD. So when an incident or accident occurs it can quickly turn your world upside down, or at least your bank account! The good news is that we will try to minimise your Apple Tax liability.

At aGeek, we specialise in diagnosing your Apple Mac’s problem, repairing it, and getting it back to you as quickly as affordably as possible. With this in mind always check with Apple Mac first to see what they recommend and what they charge.

We repair a huge range of Apple Mac problems, so if you require anything from a screen repair, keyboard repair or charging port repair we are here to help you.

We do not recommend do-it-yourself fixes however, being Geeks, we well understand the desire to fix things yourself.  The problem many find is, apart from having to learn the necessary skills by experimenting on their own expensive pride and joy, they often need specific Apple Mac tools and most importantly quality parts.


There is nothing more annoying than spending an age fixing something and then reassembling it only to find the new components are faulty. Not forgetting the insecurity when you reassemble and you have spare screws left over!

When you try to fix your own Apple Mac device such as your iMac or MacBook Air, you invalidate any warranty that you might have. That leaves you responsible for the full cost of replacement. This is best avoided. Note however that if your item was physically damaged the warranty is probably voided.

Since aGeek Chesterfield give you a one-year warranty on our repair plus the suppliers part warranty, you are at least getting some warranty back. You can trust our technicians to make smart repairs that work well. If something goes wrong, we’re there to support you with a free warranty repair or warranty replacement part if needed.

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