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We have Geeks who specialise and repair all types of electronic equipment. Our most popular electronic repair services provided by our specialist ‘GEEKS’ are: Computers, The PC & the Mac, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Sat Navs, Tom Toms, Games Consoles (including Playstation 4, Xbox One, 3DS), Media Centres, Security Alarms, CCTV Systems, Home Entertainment Systems, Satellite Equipment Domestic & International. This is by no way a comprehensive list.

aGEEK provide a PC computer virus removal service. We can remove viruses from your computer and backup data from your hard drive and hard drives before doing a computer recovery procedure. Sometimes we may not be able to save your data backup for instance like music and image files. We can ensure however you have the best protection to prevent this from happening again by installing the Top Rated “F-Secure Anti-Virus” Virus and malware protection for PC. Alternatively click HERE to download a FREE 30-day trial.

Our Retail Shop only. Following an 18 month trial with online shopping and after listening to feedback from our customers our online shop is being converted into a series of “Display Cases” for your perusal. These Computer items can be purchased from our high street shop in Chesterfield on West Bars roundabout at the prices Stated. This means we can also provide an informative service offering help and advice to ensure you purchase the right iems to meet your requirements thereby saving you time effort and wasted expense. For a friendly chat or advice please feel free to email us or give us a call on… Telephone 01246 554440
aGEEK don’t just provide PC restore services to reinstall your windows operation system to reset your PC, Mac or Linux computer back to its orginal factory settings when you first bought the computer. We give you all your drivers and software updates that make your machine better than when you first had it!!! For more information of reinstalling windows operating sytems please contact us on telephone 01246 554440.
We provide a wide range of laptop repairs from screen repairs to windows operating system reinstalls. We also provide laptop pc health checks to ensure your laptop computer is running to its maximum efficiency.
This can be caused by a stressed screen hinge where the screen ribbon has become damaged needing repair. You could be dirceted her because you searched: laptop repair specialists, laptop repairs chesterfield, laptop repair specialist, laptop repair chesterfield, laptop computers for sale, laptop repair, laptop computers, laptop computer repair, laptop computer parts, notebook Repairs derbyshire, notebook Repairs, notebook repair chesterfield, notebook computer repair or much more.

To book aGEEK service callout for repairs and technical support for any of our services simply give us a call on 01246 554440.
If you can’t find a service that your require give us a call anyway we may be able to help.

If your computer is running slow a simple task to complete is to simply to run the disc clean up tool from your system tools. After running disc clean up that will remove all the old and temporary files from your computer you can then run disc defragmentor which will then compact the files on your computers hard drive to speed the running speed up of your PC computer.
If you keep getting a blue screen on my computer you are experiencing Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).
Free Memory Installation Free Memory Installation – One of the fastest and easiest ways to speed-up your slow laptop or computer is to install more RAM memory. aGeek now offer free memory install if you buy the RAM memory from our shop within the hour. This ensures you get the right memory at the right price in double quick time.
Gaming PCs / Computers are built by our geeks to order. Pop-in and chat to one and we will ensure you get what you want. Look at our product display case and get an idea of the price.
Every job is different. So every price is individually quoted. If you let us see the problem we will initially assess it at no charge. We will contact you with the full price and you can either accept it or take it away at no charge. Prices start from £10.
When your computer stops working, it’s often the lost data, rather than the malfunctioning machine, that causes the most worry. We are experts in immediate data recovery. Even when we cannot immediately fix the problem and the hard drive is even physically destroyed we are partnered with one of the world’s leading forensic data recovery laboratories to help you. There’s hope even after fire and crushing!!!! 95% of the time we can recover all of your lost data quickly and efficiently and the rest of the time our partners can. We run diagnostics and recovery on hard drives, CD-ROMs, external hard drives, memory sticks and faulty volumes. Don’t waste time tearing your hair out, and don’t (tempting though it may be) throw the thing out of the window.

This is the home of mobile phone repairs in the Chesterfield, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. We repair all brands and model of phone from small mobile phones to the latest Smartphones with multiple functions. We also offer mobile phone unlocking on all brands and models. We flash phones as well. For more details go to

We now carry out Quality Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation (PS2 PS3 PS4) repairs. They are carried out at AGEEK in Chesterfield. As soon as you have the problem drop the console in for a free assessment. Unfortunately trying “internet” & “youtube” fixes has in many cases exacerbated the damage and the cost. Very often it has made them irreparable. We take care of console repair, nintendo repair, playstation, playstation repair, ps3, ps3 repair, red ring, red ring of death, red ring of death, wii, wii repair, Xbox, xbox repair, yellow light and much much more.
Hooke’s law of elasticity is an approximation that states that the extension of a spring is in direct proportion with the load applied to it. Now Norbert loves to answer obscure questions but he does prefer ones more related to what he does. For Example: Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs, notebook repairs, mobile Repairs.
Do you have some classic family memories captured on VHS?  We offer a VHS to DVD or Digital Format transfer service.  You can then copy the data to your PC or Laptop or possibly Mobile and email it to friends and family around the world for no further cost.  Preserve all your old videos on DVD.  See instore for details or call on 01246 554440.
Need Driving Instructions…
AGEEK is located in Chesterfield on West Bars Roundabout, next to KFC. We are extremely easy to find and within close walking distance to the national bus station and Chesterfield’s railway station. See above for the MAP LOCATION and directions.
We are open 7 DAYS a week including Sundays from 10am-6pm.

This includes most Bank Holidays.

We Open Outside These Hours by Special Appointment Please Call 01246 554440 for details.

Norbert “Norbie” The Geek is our Online Cartoon Geek Expert. He also makes Pop Videos In His Spare time! GEEK OUT! A-Geek C’est CHIC!

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