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If You Need Help To Get Started We Can Advise You.

Device Tutorial Service – aGeek Chesterfield

Although we offer FREE advice, we have found that a large proportion of our customers require a little more help when learning to use their new devices.

Some of our geekier customers may just need a refresher on how to get the best from their device. No matter your skill level we’ll have aGeek that can help you.

We’ll teach you in Plain English and avoid using Jargon. We can even teach you some of the words and phrases that are being used more commonly by people and businesses so you have a better understanding of what is being said without adding to the confusion.

New devices and updates are constantly being released by Microsoft, Apple and Google. They’ll make big changes or even just small ones that make getting used to our device harder. This is where we step in.

We’ve helped a lot of customers in the past with things such as – Video Making/Editing, Youtube, Ebay, iTunes, Emails, Mac OS, Windows 10, Linux, Android, IOS, Office, Safe Browsing, Printers, Facebook or Twitter, Backups and much more.

Whether simple or complex we’ll have the time to teach you.

So, grab a Pen and Paper and contact us or pop in and book your One-to-One with your Geek.



Nowadays we’re all expected to pick up a Smart Phone and know how to use it, whether it be a Samsung, Apple iPhone or even the latest Blackberry or Android devices. Who is there to show us how to use it? Well, aGeek is!

Anything from making calls and texts to setting up and sending emails. We’ll show you how to do the basics to obtaining the most from your device to the best of your abilities. Every tutorial is specific to what you want to learn and after each tutorial we will email you with teachers notes from your lesson to help give you a better and clearer understanding.


PC’s and Laptops are becoming easier to understand with a New Promise from Microsoft. No More Windows… Windows 10 is the final Operating System that Microsoft said they are going to release (article here).

This means once you have learnt what you need to know not a whole lot is going to change.

We can help you with everything from Hardware to software tutorials. How to use your device to keeping it healthy.

No matter what you need to know, aGeek will have the answer.

Ageek Chesterfield

SUPPORT  Our geek team work around the clock and are available 6 days a week.

SPEED  Our geeks will have you back up and running in no time.

SECURITY  Award Winning Anti Virus FREE With Every Premium Health Check.

SCALABILITY  Whether you are a Home User or a Business – Ageek has Every Angle Covered.

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