For Little Problems - From As Little As £10.

So all you want is that simple little thing doing.

You think that if you go to a computer or electronics professional they’ll charge you and then keep on charging! But that’s not right. You are precisely who our Low-Cost Elementary Fix is for.

If you think you have that small single problem that you can’t sort but aGeek can then come on down to aGeek and one of the team will take a look at it.

If it is an Elementary Fix* it will cost you from £10. It is either a:


  • Cinch Fix – For the easiest of problems that are a “Cinch” to one of our geeks, that we can solve in no more than 10 minutes we’ll only ask for £10 , or a
  • Straightforward Fix – So it is a single task that is going to take no more than half an hour of one of our geeks time, for only £25.



Interested in a Elementary fix?

If you’re interested in this service, just give us a call or come and see us in the shop with your item. We can take a look at your PC while you wait and have a bit more of a chat about what it is we will do. Or if you’ve just got a question, take a look at our CONTACT PAGE and fill in the form to send us a message – we’ll try and get back to you today with an answer!

Who can you trust? As a TrustATec-Partner we embrace the TrustATec Service Promise that we have integrated as to Our Service Promise.

If your data has a problem, get in touch with aGeek for a quick, robust and reliable fix. We offer the whole range of data solutions.

Please See Some Examples of Quick Fixes Below.

All Services Are Chargeable Subject To Our No Fix No Fee Policy. Please Check Our Terms & Conditions For Details.

“Cinch” Fixes £10

  • Installing small programs.
  • Setting up an automatic backup or virus scanner.
  • Correcting problems with your internet connection or browser.
  • Changing computer settings and personalisation.
  • Finding and installing drivers.
  • Clearing caches/temporary files.
  • Refitting Laptop Keys.
  • Any Non-Computer Task we can do in under 10 Minutes.

“Straightforward” Fixes £25

  • Installing, setting up and activating Office or other large programs.
  • Setting up email accounts in your program of choice.
  • Fixing minor corruption of windows files.
  • Re-seating laptop display cables.
  • Removing Windows passwords.
  • Cleaning internal components/fans.
  • Recovering accidentally deleted files.
  • Any Non-Computer Task we can do in under 30 Minutes.


Want it on the bench immediately?

Express Service £25 extra

Ageek Chesterfield

SUPPORT  Our geek team work around the clock and are available 6 days a week.

SPEED  Our geeks will have you back up and running in no time.

SECURITY  Award Winning Anti Virus FREE With Every Premium Health Check.

SCALABILITY  Whether you are a Home User or a Business – Ageek has Every Angle Covered.

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