We fix hundreds of faulty gaming consoles every year. So come to where the professionals send their jobs when they need help.

Ageek Gaming Console Hardware Software Repairs

Where should you go to have to have your games console or platform fixed? Who can you trust?

Why not go to where the professionals come for Gaming Console Hardware Software Fix Repair? We make fixes that others say cannot be done. AGeek, through its mother company PCB Techserv, repair right down to board level for the I.T. & Engineering trade. We don’t only make only the easy PS4 repair, PS3 repair, PS2 repair, Xbox 360 repair, Xbox One repair & Nintendo Wii repair. We repair down to PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and Chip level.


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Gaming Console Hardware Software Fix Repair

As a gamer or parent of a gamer you depend on your gaming devices to work properly every day. The good news is that aGeek Gaming Console Hardware Software Fix Repair mean you won’t have lost the use of that expensive console. In fact, at aGeek Chesterfield, we specialise in diagnosing your console’s problem, repairing it, and getting it back to you as quickly and as affordably as possible.

We repair a huge range of Console problems, so if you require anything from a HDMI Port repair, USB Port repair to a Motherboard repair we are here to help you. aGeek Chesterfield will make your console repair really convenient. If you live near one of our stores you can drop off your device for repair, seven days a week. Most repairs are finished within the week. You won’t have to feel game separation anxiety for long!

DIY Repairs or a Specialist Repair

The days of a “Specialist” cooking the board or using a heat-gun or hair-dryer or even cooking the whole board in their kitchen oven are sadly not over. We see this all to often still. We still see far too many YouTube fixes.

One example is that at the nerve-centre of a modern console there is a microchip called the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) or APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). They are attached to the PCB well over a thousand minute balls of solder, these are around the size of a grain of sugar 0.5 0.6 mm . As the chip is working it generates heat and becomes very hot while the system is in use. Over time and exposure to poor air circulation (ie dust build up or blocking the air vents) these solder balls “dry” and crack causing “dry joints” to fail or a “cold solder joint” to appear. Once this happens the unit fails to work.

To fix it we have invested very heavily in specialist equipment, not least our Infrared BGA Rework Station, and training to effect repairs that some others just cannot make. Our equipment is very precise. We will heat just the areas and solder that needs to be heated without causing any collateral damage to the rest of the PCB. This is called a “Re-flow”. If we then have to take off your chip and clean off the old (1000+) balls of solder and replace them it is called “Re-ball”. If a chip has been “re-flowed” or “re-balled” several times or once by the below mentioned “Specialist” then we may have to replace the chip itself which is known as a……………..(wait for it)…………….”Re-Chip”.

We do not recommend do-it-yourself fixes however, being Geeks, we well understand the desire to fix things yourself.

The problem many find is, apart from having to learn the necessary skills by experimenting on their own expensive pride and joy, they often need specific tools and most importantly quality parts. There is nothing more annoying than spending an age fixing something and then reassembling it only to find the new components are faulty. Not forgetting the insecurity when you reassemble and you have spare screws left over!

When you fix your own device such as your XBox One or PS4, you invalidate any warranty that you might have left. That leaves you responsible for the full cost of replacement. This is best avoided. Note however that if your item was physically damaged the warranty is probably already voided .

Since aGeek Chesterfield give you a one-year warranty on our parts and 6 months on the labour repair, you are at least getting some warranty back. You can trust our technicians to make smart repairs that work well. If something goes wrong, we’re there to support you with a free warranty repair or warranty replacement part if needed.

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