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iPhone Screen Repairs in Chesterfield. From As Little As £45.

Looking for a simple iPhone Screen Repair in Chesterfield?  At aGeek we offer you the widest choice for an iPhone screen replacement 7 days a week!

We replace a wide range of iPhone screens & models starting from just £45.  Our iPhone screen replacements and repairs are done same day, depending on availability or at busy times.

There are 2 levels of screens repairs available for most iPhones.  Please see below for details.

  • Non Original iPhone Screen Repair – includes 1 year warranty*
    This is our basic level of iPhone screen replacement.  If your contract is coming to an end or you are wanting to sell your phone on but are in need of a screen repair then this is usually the cheapest option.
  • Genuine Original (EM) iPhone Screen Repair – includes 1 year warranty*
    The second tier of iPhone screen replacement options.

    • Genuine OEM are simply the best quality you can get without going to the manufacturer for the usually much more expensive similar repair.
    • You may be wary of cheap fixes or are particular about the screen parts used for phone repairs. Apple don’t issue their authorised screens to the market. Apple alone can make the warranty repair. However, maybe you pride yourself on wanting to replace the screen with a genuine quality part and you plan on keeping the phone for a good while yet.  This is the option for you.
      • The term OEM stands for ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’, the exact meaning differs in several industries. To our suppliers, OEM means that the part is the same part used within your device, using the same materials and specifications.We use the term OEM to cover many parts from refurbished, used and new components, the exact condition will be stated in the items description.In some cases when the part supplied is made up to several components (for example an LCD assembly) the part may have been assembled by a 3rd party vendor using OEM parts meaning that consumable may differ (such as adhesive used)Although strict testing procedures are put in place to ensure the quality of the part these testing practices and procedures may differ from the checks manufacturers use.

        Any hardware supplied as OEM will not have any quality loss or loss of features and covered under our extensive returns policy.

        In many cases we don’t, nor can we, obtain product directly from the device manufacturer as they do not sell to the repair market. Also in some cases we are not affiliated with the device manufacturer in any way and they are not involved in the testing or sales process of the component we sell.

      • If you item is still under warranty you must go to the manufacturer for the repair to maintain it, if your trauma suffered has not already invalidated it.

Call aGeek on 01246 554440 or Contact Us HERE for any help or info regarding an iPhone Screen Repair in Chesterfield.

We are open 7 Days a Week from 10am to 6pm.


Looking for a simple iPhone Screen Repair in Chesterfield?
At aGeek we offer you the widest choice for an iPhone screen replacement 7 days a week!

Subject To Our No Fix No Fee Policy.
Please Check Our Terms & Conditions For Details

“Non-Original Screens” with 1 year warranty

“Original Screens” with 1 year warranty

 Call 01246 554440 or Contact Us HERE


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