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Terms and Conditions of Repairs and Services

The terms below set out our obligations to you and what you are agreeing to whenever you agree to let us perform a service or repair.

“No Fix, No Fee” Guarantee

This is only offered to domestic customers.

Ageek PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names offers a guarantee that you will not be charged for anything in the rare occasion of us not being able to fix your computer to an adequate standard. If we cannot make the quoted repair we will not charge a fee. In this situation, you will not be charged for any parts, labour or diagnostics. You must have allowed us to attempt our service. If you stop us from carrying out the service, for whatever reason, you will be subject to a diagnosis charge as displayed in store or elsewhere. The fee is still chargeable if we make the quoted repair but we discover further underlying problems that were not apparent on first inspection or until the initially quoted repair is completed.

Exclusion: If the item being booked in requires a strip-down (Defined as a physical dismantling of the unit), the price of a strip-down is NOT subject to our No Fix No Fee Policy and will be charged whether fixable or not.

Your Details and Data

During the booking in of your item we will ask you for and record certain details which we require to perform the service and/or contact you afterwards. This may include your name, contact address, contact phone number and email address. We may also require the password of your device to access your item to complete our service.

PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names will never interrogate your data including browser histories unless specifically agreed with you prior to commencement of work and only for the purposes of said work.PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names will keep all items seen in the usual course of our work in the strictest confidence and within and under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will never divulge information to any third party unless we have an obligation to do so by law.

Whilst PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names will endeavour not to lose any personal data, unless otherwise stated by us the customer is responsible for performing a full backup before bringing the device in for repair. We will do this for you as part of some data recovery and re-installation of operating system services, but are still not responsible for any loss of data that might incur. We will keep all backup data for a period of seven (7) days after the device has been returned to you. This is simply to ensure that you are happy that everything has been transferred back to your device, after this time it will be permanently erased. It is the customer responsibility to advise PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names of any missing data during this time. We are not liable for the loss or theft of this data, however measures are in place to ensure that it is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Service Requirements

If your item has a software system it should have Microsoft Windows Vista or later operating systems or Apple OS X or later or the original licensed supported software, if you do not have these our Geek will still try and complete the requested service but as earlier systems are not supported by the licensee chances of a successful resolution may be limited (this will not affect your no-fix-no-fee). If your software is, or appears to be, unlicensed we cannot perform a repair but you will still be charged for work carried out. If you do not comply with the above requirements and we are unable to fix your computer for that reason you will still be charged for work carried out or we may charge 40% of the quote agreed, whichever is the greater.

Computer Systems

Your computer system must have a Genuine Windows or Apple OS X operating system installed. Many repairs are not possible on non-genuine or “cracked” versions. Linux OS services in general do not require licensing. If your computer system or equipment is under a manufacturer’s warranty, our services and repairs may invalidate it. It is your responsibility to assess the effect of our services on any manufacturer’s warranty before allowing us to work on it.


Repair Times

We will endeavour to perform all services as quickly as possible, however some will take a long time due to variables outside of our control.

We aim to complete all services and repairs within forty eight (48) hours. However, some services can take considerably longer such as when we require parts to be shipped to us or your machine is aged or performing badly when running our software. In these situations we will always be upfront and clear about the time it will take us to repair and we will keep you up to date if there are any delays in the service via SMS and Email through our in-house MARTI system.

Warranties and Repairs

All of our repairs and services are sold with some sort of warranty or guarantee. For more details please see HERE

Limitation of Liability

PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names cannot be held responsible or liable for any of the following during a repair or service:

  • any loss of data, data corruption, loss of images, documents or information
  • any financial loss, or loss and interruption to business or contracts or loss of goodwill
  • any failure by you to follow our reasonable advice, recommendations or instructions
  • any losses or issues you may suffer due to your use of (or failure to use) any anti-virus or security software
  • any losses from unlicensed software
  • any loss that is not reasonably foreseeable.

We do not have specific knowledge of your computer or your media and its configuration.

Whilst we will use our best efforts to minimise disruption to your system, we cannot be responsible for any unforeseen consequences of our services.

Our services may affect manufacturer warranty validity. It is your responsibility to assess the effect of our services on any manufacturer’s warranty and take appropriate action.

Abandoned Items

Without prior written agreement you have, from the date of completion of our contract, sixty (60) days in the case of any repaired or serviced device or, if your device is Beyond Economic Repair (BER) or irreparable, thirty (30) days to collect the item that has been left with us.

After the relevant period has expired legal title will immediately transfer to PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names and be considered our property and we will then dispose of the goods. If there is any surplus value it will be held for your collection for a period of one year and then given to Ashgate Hospice Charity.

Just prior to these periods we will attempt to contact you for a final time by email, SMS & telephone call via the contact details you have left us (it is your responsibility to make sure we have correct and up to date contact information for you).

We will then dispose of the goods to recover our costs and expenses whilst destroying any data bearing medium. Any surplus value will be held for your collection for a period of one year and then given to Ashgate Hospice Charity.

Where value recovered is less than the amount due to PCB Techserv Ltd & its trading names you remain liable for the outstanding balance.

© Copyright PCB Techserv Ltd Version 1st January 2016.

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