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Every month we fix more & more broken or damaged devices. What can we do for you?


Express Service & Repair Chesterfield

Our Express Service is quick and easy to use.  If you can’t wait then pay a bit more to “jump the queue.”

If you wish to have the express service, it MUST be pre booked before you arrive or delays may ensue.  We will then ensure the part required is put aside for you.

If you miss your booking we can not guarantee the part will still be available afterwards.  The device will be repaired within the agreed time frame, timings may vary depending on which device you have and how complicated the repair is.

We guarantee our undivided attention, so long as no one else is already receiving the service at the time of booking in.  If they are then we guarantee that you are next.  All services are carried out immediately, subject of course to parts being in stock and our current workload.

All repairs come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

We also offer a NO FIX – NO FEE PROMISE.

Please read our CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS for peace of mind.

Please contact us HERE or call us on 01246 554440 for any questions.


DIY Device Repairs

Some customers come to us after trying to fix their own broken devices.  We do not recommend do-it-yourself fixes however, being Geeks, we well understand the desire to fix things yourself.  The problem many find is, apart from having to learn the necessary skills by experimenting on their own expensive pride and joy, they often need specific tools and most importantly quality parts. There is nothing more annoying than spending an age fixing something and then reassembling it only to find the new components are faulty.  Not forgetting the insecurity when you reassemble and you have spare screws left over!

When you try to fix your own device such as your Phone, Tablet or iPad, you invalidate any warranty that you might have.  That leaves you responsible for the full cost of replacement.  This is best avoided.  Note however that if your item was physically damaged the warranty is probably voided anyway.

Since aGeek Chesterfield give you a one-year warranty on our repair, you are at least getting some warranty back.  You can trust our technicians to make smart repairs that work well.  If something goes wrong, we’re there to support you with a free warranty repair or warranty replacement part if needed.


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