Looking for an Audio or Video Transfer Service? Video to DVD? Let aGeek Help You Convert Your Precious Memories To Digital!

Do you have audio or video clips that you need converting to a newer format such as DVD?

We offer a whole range of media transfer & conversion services to help you re-live treasured memories and enjoy your captured moments for years to come.

If you are wanting something extra special we can even improve and clean up original “noisy” or shaky footage with our amazing enhancement or stabilization service!

We begin with converting the footage into a FULL uncompressed digital file format.

Many home or consumer video software transfer packages only perform a basic or compressed video conversion. This is not as good as an uncompressed digital transfer as it means that the final copy is worse than VHS. This means when the footage is converted for a DVD it is not a quality transfer. Many people who offer this service do not use quality hi-end equipment to playback the VHS tapes during the conversion. They may have access to an old VHS machine that is really not up to the job when it comes to a quality transfer. Our video technician has over 25 years of video & film post production and filmmaking experience.

VHS tapes are played through a Time Based Corrector.

Time base correction is a technique to reduce or eliminate errors caused by mechanical instability present in analog recordings on mechanical media. This helps to stabilise the tape and gives a much better starting point when copying your footage.

VHS to DVD – 30 minutes or less.

This service is for short clips. If you have less than 30 minutes of footage to copy this is our basic entry level service price.

Video to DVD – From 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours.

This service is for clips that last longer than 30 minutes and last up to 1.5 hours. This is the our standard price tier.

We recommend keeping the maximum time of DVD conversion to an hour or less to help insure the best quality copy.

It is possible to have up to an hour and a half put onto a single DVD disc but we never recommend any more than this. Any tapes that may last up to 2 or 3 hours in playing time are best split onto two discs to help ensure a final quality copy with minimum compression.

We offer a FULL digital transfer service that is much better for storage and conversion to a standard DVD.

A DVD can hold up to 4.7 GB of data regardless of the playing time of your video, so to keep the video files within 4.7GB they can get compressed (the same as converting a CD to an MP3 file – information gets thrown away. The file size of a FULL digital conversion is on average 13GB of information.

The best way to keep the full quality is to store the files on a memory stick or an external hard drive for playback back on your PC laptop or even some never SMART TVs. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even use these files and edit your own films!

We can upscale to HD if required.

This can help with older standard definition type formats that may be needed for YouTube, Facebook and other video hosting sites or even sending to friends and relatives over the internet. Even if your SD footage is uploaded to YouTube of Facebook, it will be converted into a lower quality when uploaded. Upscaling footage from SD to HD will ensure the quality is not compressed anymore than it needs to be. This format is known as HD MP4, which is a better format than SD simply converted to an MP4 file.

We offer extra video services if you wish to have your tape enhanced.

Picture noise reduction can help with “grainy” footage (or videos shot in low light situations such as indoors or birthday parties where candles are being blown out). Even analogue recordings that may have been recorded from an old analogue aerial can suffer from picture “noise” interference. Our enhancement processing will give you a cleaner overall picture and make videos look like even better than before. If you have very shaky footage we can even process the footage to reduce the shake with our 3d camera stabilisation. Once the video has been converted we can advise the best way forward for you. These services are optional extras.

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