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Don’t throw your laptop away – We can help with a cost effective repair or replacement!

Broken Laptop Screen Replacement

A laptop screen can be damaged fairly easily. Pressure simply on one corner (for example opening the lid)  or a forgotten pen left on the keyboard when closing the lid could cause the screen to get cracked or get smashed.

Ageek can help with laptop screen replacements if you need a laptop screen repair. The new replacement laptop screen comes with a 1 year warranty as standard.

You will not be without your laptop for long. If we have your laptop screen in stock it is typically fitted same day. If your laptop screen is not in stock we can order the laptop screen same day and the new laptop screen replacement will be fitted next day with a turnaround time of 24 hours.

The laptop screen replacement will be brand new and be an original exact screen fit for your laptop.


Colour Bands On The Screen.

If you can see coloured bands across your laptop screen (like in the picture above) then this may not be a faulty laptop screen. This can sometimes be the graphics display chip or graphics card that is faulty.

This may require further investigation and the laptop may need a motherboard repair to fix the problem.



A Dim Laptop Screen Picture

If the screen is very dim and altering the brightness does not make any or no difference then your laptop could be suffering from a back light problem or issue or even be causaed by a faulty inverter if it is an older laptop. Most newer laptop models are now LED screens so backlight problems are no longer much of an issue.

If the screen suffers with any areas of little coloured dots or black and white dots that are on screen all the time this could be a sign of dead pixels. In this instance there is nothing that can be done except replacing the screen. One or two dead pixels is deemed an “acceptable” fault for most manufacturers but if there were a lot of dead pixels, an extreme case of 15 for example, then the manufacturer would probably replace the screen under warranty.
Flickering Screen

If you notice that your laptop screen is flickering or showing different patterns when you move it, this could be a bad connection but more than likely is a faulty screen. If the picture display flickers as soon as you even move the lid or even if it flickers when you are not touching it this can indicate a loose connection or a faulty laptop screen.

Get in touch with aGeek if you need a laptop screen repair or replacment.

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